As a museum we tell stories but struggle with which story to tell, who ought to tell it, and how much power and agency should be handed to the community for the telling. This project asked students to contribute stories using objects from their own lives. As the experts, they tell us with incredible candor about themselves, how they see the world, their relationships, aspirations and fears, and the meaning of things. What are they telling us about the power of objects? What can be learned from the objects that students value the most?

 A memory is not an object but can be special to you a good and bad way.
And objects are memories even if no one realizes it.

Over the past three years, we have asked students to tell us stories about the things that matter to them. Now we share the project ideas and activities that were developed to support student-centered meaning-making both in and outside the Museum, offering a framework for students’ interest in their own objects to emphasize and expand upon the stories that all objects carry. Read more on the blog >>>

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